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Resident Evil: Revelations to Retail for $50


It's obvious the face of portable gaming has changed, especially with the advent of smartphones. With many casual gamers happily distracted by cheap apps, the market for $40 PSP or 3DS titles has been steadily dwindling. But don't tell that to Capcom, who will be charging a full fifty bones for their upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil: Revelations.

To be fair, Revelations looks to be one of the most ambitious 3DS titles yet. Whereas most portable Resident Evils have been forgettable side-story affairs, Revelations promises over twenty hours of fleshed-out gameplay, online co-op multiplayer missions, and full use of the 3DS's various technologies. Additionally, the game will require a larger 4GB cartridge in order to contain all of its data, which is what Capcom is using to justify the inflated price. Still, fifty dollars for a portable game will be a hard sell, especially since Revelations will not include the  Circle Pad Pro attachment, which would seem a required purchase to fully enjoy the game without cursing out the controls.

Notably, the game is currently available on for a pre-order price of $40. As this does look to be the best 3DS game yet, it might be worth securing a copy before the official price kicks in.

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