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Resident Evil: Revelations misprint ships to retail stores


By now you've probably heard about the Resident Evil: Revelations (Nintendo 3DS) U.S. shipments and the misprint on the game's spine. However, if you haven't heard about it, some review titles of Resident Evil: Revelations were printed as 'Resident Evil: Revelaitons' instead of 'Revelations.' Now, with shipments of misprints hitting retail stores, Capcom has responded with a statement to consumers that get a hold of the erroneous cover. 

In a response to Joystiq after evidence of retail shipments by one of their readers, Capcom issued a statement explaining their solution to the little misprint incident. Capcom had this to say, "The initial shipment of Resident Evil: Revelations had been sent to retailers in North America with the spelling error. Subsequent shipments of the title are being repackaged and will have the corrected spelling. Customers who have been affected by the misspelling on the Resident Evil: Revelations packaging can contact Capcom Customer Service at 650-350-6700 or and a new insert for the front of box will be sent."

Basically, if you buy Resident Evil: Revelations and you aren't happy with the misprinted label. Capcom will send you a revised cover to switch it out. If you are wondering if anything else is different with the misprinted version, it is not. The game is still the same game you will receive in the correct print of the games. It is just a choice between being a perfectionist or collector. [Joystiq]

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