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Resident Evil: Revelations demo for consoles and PC arrives May 14

Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil fans who missed out on Revelations for 3DS can get a dose of the game next week. The demo hits Xbox Live, the Wii U eShop, Steam, and PlayStation Network on Tuesday, May 14, according to Capcom Unity.

Revelations debuted exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in February 2012, but we learned early this year that the survival-horror game would be landing on other platforms as well. The graphics are upgraded for a better experience on consoles and PC, and Capcom has added a harder difficulty dubbed Infernal mode to challenge seasoned players.

The developer has made other small changes, such as the addition of Hunk and Rachel in Raid mode. Wii U owners can use the GamePad to access maps and weapons or to play solely on the tablet. They can also play with the Pro Controller and turn zombies into comedy gold via the Miiverse.

Resident Evil: Revelations releases on May 21, exactly a week after the demo goes live.

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