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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City launch trailer

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City launch trailer debuts the launch of Capcom’s newest coop game within the popular Resident Evil IP.  Will Umbrella be able to cover up their atrocious actions?  Will the government be able to solve the issue and expose Umbrella for what they’ve done?  Well… due to what occurs in the other games, these questions are pretty much already covered.  However, knowledge of the future doesn’t hamper the gameplay and seeing the story unfold in front of your eyes.

While this launch trailer uses several bits and pieces from previous trailers, there is definitely enough new footage to check out.  From the sounds of the voice on the other end of the Umbrella radio, failure seems to have more consequences than simply hurt pride.  Secondly, WHAT is crawling out of the lava!?  Why IS there lava!?  Unknown.  Watch the trailer and pick up REORC today if it interests you.

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