Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City 'accomplished' Capcom's goals

Despite critical response to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, developer Slant Six remains confident that they achieved what publisher Capcom originally asked them to do.

"[The critical reception] seems to be fairly polarized," studio producer Mike Kerr admitted to Eurogamer.  "It's challenging. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into the game and obviously we'd like to see the review scores be a little better than they are right now."

Rather than complain of the low scores, Slant Six will look for constructive feedback and learn from it.

"In the end, I think our position on it is that we read every review and we try to pull out all the constructive feedback that we can so we can learn a little about what people liked and what they didn't.

"Then we look to what our internal goals were and what Capcom asked us to do and I think we accomplished what they wanted to do - we took the Resident Evil franchise in a different direction," he continued.

Operation Raccoon City is the latest game of the Resident Evil franchise to push the series into more of an action/shooter type game and less of a survival game because the publisher believes there just isn't a big enough audience for survival.

Not everyone is hating on Slant Six or Operation Raccoon City, however.

"And we've had a lot of really positive feedback from fans of the franchise - we're getting a lot of positive email," Kerr revealed.  "So, there's good and bad, but that's to be expected with every launch. We'd obviously love the review scores to be a bit higher, but we're really happy with the fan response."

Overall, Kerr said Slant Six enjoyed their experience working with Capcom, but did admit it was occasionally "challenging".

"There's always a challenge to picking up a new IP or an existing IP, especially one that is so ingrained in the industry and one that has exclusively been produced internally by a big publisher like Capcom," he explained.  "But we enjoyed the entire experience - it's been really, really good working with Capcom. They've been great to us and allowed us to express our own creativity within their franchise, which is great."

"As with any new publisher, it always takes a project cycle to get the communication pathways down, so there's definitely challenges there, but overall we're very happy with the experience we had with them."

Currently, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City sits at a 51/100 Metascore with a 6.1 user score.


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