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Resident Evil creator 'extremely confident' in Zwei's graphics


Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's new game, codenamed Zwei, may have just been announced, but the survival horror expert is "extremely confident" in the graphics quality of it.

"At present, we've at least cleared the initial phase," Mikami told Japanese magazine Famitsu after his studio, Tango Gameworks, released the first art for the game.

"Regarding art creation, we're already getting a very good atmosphere.  We're extremely confident about the graphics this time," he proclaimed.

All we've seen of Zwei so far is a collage of "different environments" that was put together for the announcement of the game.  The collage was intended to give a "feel for the tone and the direction the production is taking."

Mikami added, "There are still mountains of inadequate areas, though, so we'll have to work with the designers on brushing these up."

According to the interview, planning for Zwei began at the end of 2010.  The name is being used as a codename while the team works on coming up with an official name for the game.  The current names meaning, "2" in German, has nothing to do with the game's content.  "It just sounds cool," Mikami said.

The creator then expanded on what he's hoping for with Zwei.  The survival-horror genre is not just about scaring gamers - it's about  scaring them and offering the tools with which to overcome and destroy that fear.  He's striving for "pure survival horror".

Zwei's basic build is about half complete, according to the game creator.  Platforms for it have not yet been announced, but Mikami expects the game to be on HD consoles.


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