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Resident Evil 7 ships 3 million copies worldwide

True horror has returned.

Resident Evil 7 ships 3 million copies worldwide

Just a few weeks ago, Resident Evil 7 released to critical acclaim (we called it a horror masterpiece in our review) and is appearing to resonate very well with fans as well. The game is also an easy entry into the series for newcomers as it doesn't have super large, direct connections to previous games. It has wide appeal, which in turn has helped it succeed in sales.

Since being released at the end of January, Resident Evil 7 has shipped 3 million copies to retailers. This isn't the amount that has been put into the hands of customers, but it shows the amount of demand for this game. Capcom has yet to release digital sales numbers for Resident Evil 7, but one has to imagine they're fairly high as well.

A couple weeks prior to release, Capcom stated they expected the game to get around 4 million units out the door on release day. They didn't specify if they meant shipped or sold to consumers, but it's possible they did hit that if the digital sales were high enough. Regardless, Resident Evil 7 is still a pretty big success for Capcom and it probably won't be too long until we get a sequel.

Resident Evil 7 is now out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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