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Resident Evil 7 Guide: All VHS tape locations with puzzle solutions

VHS is sooooo 1998.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: All VHS tape locations with puzzle solutions

For some strange reason, Resident Evil 7 has an obsession with VHS tapes despite the game being set in 2017. Come on, we all know even the Baker family would own a Blu-Ray player or at the very least a DVD player! Despite their weird reliance on VHS tapes, they have a unique purpose! They serve as hidden/secret playable levels that give additional story and gameplay but you have to do some legwork to get your hands on these tapes.

We've made a small guide for all VHS tape locations so you can quickly find all of them without needing to do any extensive searching. You will come across most of them when progressing through the story, but just in case you overlook one you can find all of the locations below! You'll also find some walkthroughs of the tapes in case you need any help!

Tape 1: Derelict House Footage

Resident Evil 7 Guide: All VHS tape locations with puzzle solutions

Guest House: The first tape in the game is found in the guest house (the first building you enter in the game), go through the kitchen and up the stairs and it'll be sitting on a table to your right. Take the tape downstairs and into the room with the static TV. Walk up to the TV and place the tape in the VCR. It is very important that you play the tape here because you will lose the tape shortly after this point and you can't return back to the guest house.

If you played the demo for the game, this tape will look very familiar. It is the exact same tape featured in the demo. There's no puzzle solving here, just follow your fellow Sewer Gators through the house and that's it!

Tape 2: Mia

Resident Evil 7 Guide: All VHS tape locations with puzzle solutions

Main House: Once you've been introduced to the Baker family, you're free to explore the house. After unlocking the door to the foray, you'll see a set of stairs Go up them and go to the door on the left, take a left and then a right and go to the rec room on the right at the end of that part of the hallway. The tape will be sitting conveniently to the left of the TV. Pop it the VCR and you'll be put in the shoes of Mia, the main character's wife.

Bonus: If you make it through this tape without being spotted, you'll net yourself an achievement/trophy!

This tape is also pretty easy, but it's very creepy and tense. You're being chased by Margarite Baker through the creped old house so you must outthink her and hide from her to escape. We can't tell you exactly where she'll be, but if you see her lantern or shadow crouch down behind a box, table, or anything! If you have a PSVR, you can tilt your body/head to peek out from behind an object to see where Margarite is so you have a slight advantage. You're not invisible while doing this though, so don't stick out too far or for too long or she'll spot you. Your goal is to make it to the room with the shadow puzzle of a spider. Once you're in there, walk out to the balcony and search for the figure you need to complete the puzzle.

There's no way to explain how to do a shadow puzzle, but we can give you a tip! Don't focus on the actual object because it will never look like a spider. Look at the shadow in the background and twist and turn until it somewhat resembles the spider. Once the passageway opens, crawl through and make your way for the crawlspace on the other side of the room. Margarite typically appears here so you may need to duck behind the boxes in that part of the room.

Once you make your way through the crawlspace, you've finished the tape!

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