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Resident Evil 6 will contain "classic" fear moments


Do you remember when the Resident Evil games were about survival?  It was you, your handgun/knife, maybe a green herb, and a series of challenging puzzles coupled with the fear of zombies lurking around every corner.  It was legitimate fear.  Even today, those memories lie within the minds of gamers today who experienced the earlier Resident Evil games, and it's those moments that fans of the series longingly wish for to return to the game.  They are known as "Classic Resident Evil" moments.

These days, with the past few Resident Evil titles, we don't get many of those classic fear moments.  Instead we get hordes of zombies, big explosions, and tons of action.  As fellow GZ writer Lance Liebl summed up, the Resident Evil games are becoming more like the movies.

Well, as it turns out, Capcom may be realizing that and made a promise to fans of the original games, longing for that fear.

"Classic Resident Evil fear moments will merge with gripping, tense storylines and gameplay in RE6."

I know, it sounds like your typical press statement, but the fact that they have even brought up the classic fear moments is a good sign that Resident Evil 6 could somewhat be a return to the game's roots.  The game will never be like it once was, but if Capcom could manage to combine those fear moments and intense, action gameplay, then they will have a smash hit and will truly deliver "the ultimate dramatic horror experience.

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