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Capcom didn't wait long to start releasing some assets for Resident Evil 6. After announcing the game in a press release and posting the reveal trailer of the game, it appears the company has now taken the next step. The official box art for the game has been officially revealed.

If you were confused by the trailer and its insane amount of muscles, then one look at the box art for Resident Evil 6 will clarify everything. It would seem that the upcoming game won't be developed solely by Capcom. No, Resident Evil 6 is being co-developed by Capcom and Epic Games.

You were probably wondering why the game seemed so different from the Resident Evil games we cherished in the past. Well, this is why. Cliffy B. and his boys will be working alongside Capcom to ensure that Resident Evil 6 is as "bro" as possible.

The box art also indicates that characters from the Gears of War universe will be playable in Resident Evil 6. You'll notice Marcus Fenix on the cover, as well as that equally testicularly muscular female whose name I don't even know because I don't give a rat's ass about Gears of War. So, are you excited to play Resident Evil 6 Featuring Gears of War from Capcom and Epic Games ... bro?

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