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Resident Evil 6 'Agent Hunt' mode shown off in new gameplay trailer

Capcom has released new details along with a gameplay trailer showing off Resident Evil 6's "Agent Hunt" mode which allows players to infiltrate other players' sessions as a zombie, J'avo, or other C-virus mutation with the aim of killing the human characters.

To access Agent Hunt Mode for either Leon, Chris, or Jake, you must first complete the main campaigns for each of those respective characters. This will give you the option to create a Resident Evil 6 gameplay session that has the option to allow or not allow Agent Hunt.

If you decide to participate, other players will then see your session and can jump in as a zombie or some other mutation. Only certain stages are available for Agent Hunt sessions.

Agents can choose to play alone with an AI partner or with another human player in co-op mode. Up to two separate hunters can join an Agent Hunt session.

As a hunter, players have access to unique movements and attacks assigned to each of the different enemy mutations. When a hunter dies they will respawn in the same session as a different, random enemy from that area. If the hunter eliminates the agent then they will be taken to a "hunt successful" results screen where they can join another session.

For the agent, if they are eliminated then their game session will end exactly as if they had been playing a standard game session with CPU enemies.

It's pretty simple rules to understand, but Capcom has provided a gameplay video giving us a fresh look at how this new mode will operate.

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