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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC trailer infects your nostalgia

Whenever I ask someone what their favorite Resident Evil game is, they almost always answer Resident Evil 4. It’s almost like clockwork. If your favorite game isn’t four, it’s the original. So with Capcom releasing Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition on PC, this seems like one of the greatest moves the company has ever made.

Fans of the franchise that have never played it have it readily available on Steam and those looking for an HD remake of one of their most nostalgic games ever have the same luxury. Check out the video above, suffer in HD, and lose your nerves at 60 FPS. Look for this on Steam on February 28th. 

Andrew Clouther Human, historian, teacher, writer, reviewer, gamer, League of Pralay, Persona fanboy, and GameZone paragon - no super powers as of yet. Message me on the Twitters: @AndrewC_GZ
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