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Resident Evil 2 a Remake, not a Remaster says Capcom

Apparently there was some confusion.

When Capcom first revealed their intentions to remake Resident Evil 2, fans absolutely elated to hear the news. Since then, it appears as though some of the anticipating fans have grown confused as to whether Resident Evil 2 was getting a full remake or if it was simply getting the HD gloss of a remaster.

As it was revealed, the game will in fact be a full remake -- nothing less. Capcom UK's senior marketing director Stuart Turner offered a clarification on the recently published investor's report that had labeled Resident Evil 2 as a 'remaster,' calling it a mistranslation.

It's no surprise that Resident Evil 2 would get a remake over a remastering. Back when the Resident Evil HD remake was released it quickly became Capcom's fastest selling digital title in history across Europe and North America. With such success, it would be unreal to think Capcom wouldn't move forward with more remakes.

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