Research firm predicts 51 million PS4s sold by 2016

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A new report from research firm International Data Corporation sets a high bar for the PlayStation 4, predicting that within two years it will hold the largest share of the console market with 51 million global sales. It comes as no surprise that the system is also expected to take Japan—Sony's home turf—by storm (which it already has). 

Xbox One received a similar albeit tamer prediction: IDC expects the system to win the North American race and gain considerable ground in other regions. However, that all hinges on Microsoft unbundling the system from Kinect, which the firm believes will be critical to setting the system upright.

Unsurprisingly, given today's news that Nintendo systems failed to meet financial expectations during the 2014 fiscal year, IDC is calling a price cut on the Wii U—"the equivalent of a $50 price cut worldwide," specifically. However, price alone won't sell the system, and the Wii U's future likely still depends on what games it receives and how Nintendo can market them. 

The retail side of the industry is expected to continue its endurance race and see slow but steady decline for years to come. However, revenue generated from next-gen consoles could trump the starting figures of last cycle thanks to higher price points. It's a mixed blessing, but black numbers are black numbers. 

[Games Industry]

Austin Wood
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