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Research firm finds more people asking for Xbox One as Christmas gift


When it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the systems themselves are quite similar than their respective fans would admit. Those fans, however, differ greatly. Social media research firm Fizziology has been tracking what consumers are saying about each console and their findings reveal some pretty interesting data.

The most surprising finding is that Xbox One "slightly edge" out PS4 in terms of "people asking for the console as a Christmas gift." Pretty surprising given the early sales of each console. Latest reports reveal the Xbox One sold over 2 million units, while the PS4 has sold over 2.1 million. Granted, there were plenty of variables in those sales numbers, but it at least appeared as though the PS4 was the more desired console.

Taking things a bit further, Fizziology found that people who wanted an Xbox One were a "much younger, mainstream audience."

"They were very casual gamers (hardly mentioning gaming at all on social) who posted updates about their lives 24/7 from virtually all social media platforms," a Fizziology representative told us. "Their interests were varied and aligned with teen culture (partying, the opposite sex, self-image)."

Comparatively, Fizziology found that PS4 fans on social media were "predominantly male and divided fairly evenly between hardcore and casual gamers."

"The hardcore gaming crowd posted often about video games and was active on YouTube and Twitch," the rep continued. "They were also into tech news, anime and Pokemon. Casual gamers held more mainstream interests -- like cars, women and sports. The females talking about PS4 were more extroverted than the Xbox audience and could be classified as "social butterflies." 

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