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Rescue hundreds of needy cats in Jones on Fire for iOS

Jones on Fire

Glass Bottom Games must really love cats. Its new iOS game, out today, is all about risking your life to save them.

Jones on Fire is a free, "high-speed action game of kitty saving and flame evading, running, and jumping," according to the developer.

The company has two other games: A failed Kickstarter called Gravitaz, which is now a hobby project, and a platforming role-playing game called The Savage Garden, aka Asha. Both are ongoing.

Jones on Fire was conceived in the 48-hour charity event BlazeJam, which benefited those affected by last year's Colorado wild fire season. That seems to be where the firefighting theme came from.

The App Store release was held back by a week due to a minor problem with the build in the 11th hour of review.

Players who downloaded the title today encountered crashes, which Glass Bottom acknowledged on its blog:

"Don’t worry! Your earned GK / K are applied before the crash hits, so you won’t lose progress, and we’ve already got a patch submitted to Apple, along with a request to get that out to you guys ASAP," wrote co-founder and chief executive officer Megan Fox.

"Just bear with it, seems launch day is going to be a bit bumpy. The bug appears to relate to having way more users in the leaderboards than we’ve ever had before (and hey, that’s good! just, crashing, not so good)."

An update to the post indicates that Apple accepted the patch, which should release very quickly to players' devices.

At least the team is having a better launch than Maxis is with SimCity.

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