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République needs funding through Kickstarter to deliver a triple-A iOS experience


At his new company Camoflaj, Ryan Payton (from 343 Industries) is working to create République, which will be a "triple-A iOS experience" if successfully funded through Kickstarter.

According to Payton, the series Metal Gear Solid and Demon's Souls, along with the book Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, serve as influences for the narrative and gameplay. The developer described the relationship players will have with the character Hope, who needs outside help in breaking free from the omnipresent Overseer's control.

"We wanted to make a game that's basically all about establishing your trust with her, so she would be willing to do more daring things as the game goes on," said Payton. "That adds chords like stealth; you’re kind of helping and directing her, doing recon, learning more about this facility, and learning about the secrets of why she is being kept here, and who is this Overseer guy."

The Kickstarter page lists the following goals and specs the team hopes to achieve:

  • Design a game and write a story for touch-based devices
  • Create an intense action game without a focus on killing
  • Feature a believable, non-sexualized female lead
  • Explore heavy topics, say something meaningful
  • Push cutting-edge graphics on mobile
  • 4-6 hour campaign
  • "Stealth Survival" hybrid genre
  • Metroidvania exploration & 3D map mode
  • Branching, gripping, pull-no-punches story
  • Full voiceovers
  • Real-time cinematics

With only $60,394 of $500,000 raised, Camoflaj needs considerable donations in the next 28 days. Payton and his partners also hope to provide a PC and Mac version of République, although it would likely offer a different experience.

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