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REPORT: L.A. Noire 'Complete Edition' Coming Later this Year


In a year without a Grand Theft Auto, one would call it a "down" year for Rockstar. Despite the absence of GTA, the developer has actually thrived with the release of L.A. Noire. The game has done well in terms of units sold and has been received well throughout the industry. Because of this, Rockstar is reporting to be planning a "Complete Edition" of the game.

The report was first published by Eurogamer which stated that a Czech Republic retailer revealed the edition. If Rockstar follows the path of past titles, it can be assumed that the edition will feature the original game with all the DLC bundled in, and possibly a couple of special edition extras thrown in.

These special editions, sometimes called Game of the Year Editions, have become more and more popular in today's gaming scene. I, for one, think it causes a sever blow in game sales due to the fact that gamers hold off on purchasing a title, thinking that a "complete edition" will come by waiting an extra six months or so. What's your take? Let us know by commenting below.

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