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Report: Head-to-head multiplayer on its way to SSX


Old-school SSX fans will be glad to know that head-to-head multiplayer is finally making its appearance in the latest installment. Previously the game’s multiplayer centered about the in-game “Ridernet” feature that informed you when players surpassed your score on a track.

Though EA hasn’t officially unveiled the mode, a screenshot and teaser trailer was released showing multiple racers going against one another, along with the words, “Heat will start when two or more riders are ready.” The official SSX twitter account has also been hinting at an eight-player head-to-head saying, promising they’ll be, “pulling back the curtain soon.”

SSX multiplayer

SSX has done quite well since its release this past February in terms of sales and critical response, having scored an 8 from GameZone. The addition of a true multiplayer should jumpstart the online experience and get longtime fans back on the slopes to battle their friends.

Source: [SSX Twitter]

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