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Remove taking pictures out of photography with the Autographer wearable camera


The action of taking pictures is exhausting.  First off, you need to carry a camera (or phone) around with you everywhere.  These things can get heavy, they’re expensive, bulky… you don’t need that.  Oh, and then there is the whole lifting it up to your face, pressing a button, and that whole capturing beautiful landscapes thing.  Ick.  So much work.

Well, come November, all of this can be put behind you (well around your neck to be more specific).  Take taking pictures out of photography!  OMG Life has invented a wearable camera called the Autographer.  In a nut shell, you wear this bad boy and throughout the day it takes thousands of photographs.  Its got these sensors that use GPS, color, accelerometer, motion detector, magnetometer, and a thermometer to determine when a good time to take thousands of photos is.  The camera just knows.

The technical specs are as follows:

  • All glass wide-angle precision optics; 136o field of view
  • OLED display
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Bluetooth
  • 5 Megapixels
  • Fixed focus
  • Weight 58g
  • Width 37.4mm (with side buttons); length 90mm (95.5mm with lanyard ring); thickness 22.9mm (with clip and lens)

Sarcasm aside, it would be pretty neat to wear one of these for a day and see what my day was like.  I mean, on non-work days.  Who would want to see a thousand pictures of my computer monitor, another thousand pictures of the all you can eat Chinese buffet, then another thousand photos of me playing video games.  Well, I just entered a dark place.

[Endgadget via OMGLife]

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