Remember when Jurassic Park was just a book / movie? Dinosaurs cloned for resort

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So if you’re a billionaire, what would be your number one priority?  If you were Australian, a billionaire, and named Clive Palmer, your answer just might be to clone dinosaurs for a resort.   I shit you not, this is an attempted thing.  I take it we all saw Jurassic Park, that movie ended well - right?

The Palmer Resort in Coolum, Queensland, wants to have cloned dinosaurs for a section of the resort.  Dafuq!?  Palmer has been talking to the same people who cloned that sheep Dolly some time back.  I just… don’t… what?  Can’t like the Geneva Convention shut this down or something?  Why are we even attempting this, humanity?  There will be a press conference later today by Palmer.     

So the end of days are coming, that’s cool I guess.  To hurry things along, I’ll support this, why the hell not? 

[Uproxx via SunShineCoastDaily]       

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