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Remedy Sells 1.8 Million Death Rally Downloads on iOS


Developer Remedy seems to be showing an increased interest in smaller scale gaming experiences. First, it began development of its fun top-down racer Death Rally for iOS. Previously a PC exclusive, the game became available on mobile Apple devices early last year and has since managed to turn out impressive sales for the developer.

In an interview with Edge, Director and Writer Sam Lake explained that Death Rally has been a successful experiment on iOS thus far. The company has even been playing around with a multiplayer beta for the game that will include a mode for friends to play against each other. That's a nifty addition, and something that should keep the game's many players interested.

So how many units has Death Rally managed to sell since its iOS launch? A whopping 1.8 million. That's a pretty big consumer base, one which will likely be grateful for the multiplayer beta Remedy is tinkering around with at the moment.

In regards to the mobile gaming industry, Lake stated that Death Rally was the first step in entering that medium. "Death Rally was our first step in that direction, and I'm sure that we'll do something else in the future, as well," he said.

With Alan Wake's American Nightmare currently in the works, it's obvious Remedy is focusing on a more download-oriented direction with its content. The company has turned out some winners in the past, so if they can deliver solid downloadable content, I'm all for it. As a big fan of small-scale digital gaming experiences, I'm excited to see what Remedy does moving forward.

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