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Remain calm, Microsoft apparently sending Killer Instinct promo emails out in waves


Microsoft has made a bunch of people happy today with free copies of the premium version of Killer Instinct for the Xbox One. However, it also inadvertently made a bunch of loyal fans angry about not getting a code.

Relax everyone. According to user Sikamikanico on NeoGAF, Microsoft will be sending out Killer Instinct emails in waves. He attached his conversation with a Microsoft rep. Interestingly enough, the rep states that there are over 6 million users that they will be sending emails to.

Check out the conversation below:


The same user then also posted another few lines from another conversation:

Henriette: at 21:41:31
You are definitely correct, we are giving away free gifts to all qualified users all over the regions where the xbox one is available. I believe the emails are already sent out starting today and it is by batch or waves, which is what we have been informed.

Sikamikanico: at 21:42:05
That some good news. :) Kudos to MS for doing something awesome.

Well, there you have it. Patience is key I suppose.

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