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Relive your childhood with these online electronic games, nostalgia bomb incoming


Did you ever find yourself in dire need to play one of those horrible Tiger Electronic handheld games? You know, the ones where there is basically no animation, just a bunch of still, digitized images that you move back and forth to play a mindless game of catch, or dodge oncoming projectiles? Us neither... Until now!

Someone decided to replicate a bunch of these handheld games, from Nintendo's Game and Watch series, to games from Acclaim, they're all here and in full working order. Not only can you play these games in their entirety (which is sadly usually quite short) but even the button presses are emulated on screen!

You can play games like Terminator, Donkey Kong, Octopus, G-Man, Zelda and Fishing Boy. You can even look forward to Donkey Kong II as that's Coming Soon.

Don't delay any further and go revisit your childhood memories, of when you begged your mom to buy you that handheld version of Bartman, only to drop it in between the car seats on the way home from the mall and then never remembering to pick it back up again. Ah, those were the days.


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