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Released new 3D shooter from Qplaze - Heroes of War: Sand Storm.

September 23, 2008

New 3D shooter from Qplaze - Heroes of War: Sand Storm Released

Wars are never forgotten.

They leave scars on the earth and in human memory - scars that are impossible to erase. Sooner or later they show through - through the frightful findings in the ruins of the ancient cities, dusty folders in the archives, nightmares of the whole generations. In retrospect we see: the whole history of mankind is a history of wars. Spears changes into missiles, and swords into automatic rifles, but over a period of thousands of years the main remained the same - the essence of the war.

War doesn't let to look back.

The world of the warrior narrows to the blade of his sword, the world of the shooter - to the face of the enemy in the crosshair of scope sight. At that moment they have no choice anymore, no chance to step back.

To make at least one step backwards.

Such is the essence of this war too - only forward. Toward fire, death and the lead hail, under the splinters and fire, which melts even the tank armor, over the dead bodies of enemies and friends, only forward - with no right for death.

Only forward - even knowing that when all this will end, there will be nobody left to wait for you, and nobody will remember you.

Through the sand storm.

The game available in 9 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

YouTube - Heroes of War: Sand Storm

Game features:

  • Dipping into the atmosphere and events of the war in Afghanistan in 1983;

  • Realistic 3D environment - shots, fire, smoke and illuminating effects;

  • Optimized engine and high operation speed on all mobile phones with 3D support;

  • Big open spaces - mountains and roads, bridges and villages;

  • Great number of enemies and real types of legendary combat weapons ;

  • Dynamic sound surrounding and the sounds of shots from the real weapon;

  • Simple controls, help with aiming and training mission that lets the player shoot the targets.

Game publisher – NOMOC Publishing,

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