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Release and Beta Schedule for Frogsters' MMORPGs

July 18, 2008

Release and Beta Schedule for Frogsters’ MMORPGs

Ample MMOG-Line-up including Runes of Magic, Spellborn, StoneAge 2 and Kickster ahead for autumn and winter

Frogster starts into the second half of the year with a wide-ranging MMOG portfolio. The bulky five-game-package consists of Runes of Magic, The Chronicles of Spellborn, StoneAge 2, Kickster and an Add-on for Bounty Bay Online.

The comprehensive fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic will enter the closed beta in September completely adapted to western standards and with an impressive soundtrack by the prestigious sound studio Dynamedion. Roundabout two months later, the Berlin based publisher will transfer the game into the open beta. The launch phase for an English and German version is scheduled to follow at the end of the year. A pre-registration for the beta tests has already started on the official website  Frogster is going to invite assorted community members and guilds into the alpha soon.

Frogster’s hot autumn is complemented by The Chronicles of Spellborn, which has passed performance and stress tests last week very successfully following an essential development milestone. After the integration of some remaining content components and final balancing and polishing work, Frogster will release the long awaited fantasy online role playing game this year as planned. For Spellborn the beta-registration has already started as well on

The European version of StoneAge 2 which just had been announced will already be going into the closed beta phase in August. The launch of the free2play game is also planned for autumn beta registration on  As another addition to its MMOG line up, Frogster will introduce Kickster next week in detail. The trendy free2play online soccer community is likewise going to be launched in autumn. Moreover, a large-scale add-on for the sailor MMOG Bounty Bay Online is also in the making.

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