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Rejoice! Free Bastion DLC Is Almost Upon Us


Bastion is somewhat back on the radar again, which not only makes me happy because it's such a great game, but basically because everyone should play it at some point. With the new release on Google's Chrome platform and winning three awards during the 2011 VGA's, it's obvious that Bastion is not ready to be forgotten quite yet.

Botch Steam and the Chrome App store will feature Bastion DLC for free, though Xbox Live users will have to pay $0.99 or 80MSP for it, which is still an extremely good deal, when considering that DLC usually doesn't come much cheaper than $2.99 or 240MSP.

Curious as to what the free DLC will give you? Here is the rundown.

  • The Stranger's Dream: a new fully narrated Who Knows Where sequence, bigger and more challenging than the others. You'll gain a bit more insight into Rucks' backstory as well as the history of Caelondia if you can survive this fight.
  • No-Sweat Mode: for those who just want to experience the story of Bastion, this mode provides unlimited chances to carry on from where you left off if you're defeated in battle.
  • Score Attack Mode: a challenging new way to play through the story! You start at level one with all Spirits and Idols unlocked. Your combat performance is rated for efficiency, and all areas are repeatable.
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