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Reggie Clarifies Comments on Indie Devs


Over the past several weeks, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has made many comments regarding mobile gaming, mobile game developers, indie developers, and what he coined as the "garage developer." Regarding small development companies or individuals who make games on their own, Fils-Aime stated that Nintendo wasn't interested in marketing games made by inexperienced developers. Fans of mobile games responded to Fils-Aime with criticism, but luckily PR Director Marc Franklin cleared up the debacle (somewhat) by saying that Nintendo truly appreciates what indie devs offer the industry.

Despite having the PR rep address the situation, Fils-Aime explained himself personally. According to the Nintendo of America president, the company is more interested in developers with a foothold in the industry: "We've been clear that we want to work with independent developers who understand this business, who have experience in this business."

The man with the coolest yearbook picture in video game industry history went on to mention 2D Boy and Gaijin Games, developers for World of Goo and the Bit.Trip series, respectively. According to Fils-Aime, these devs are perfect examples of independent studios with a solid resume. "These are people who spent time working with larger publishers and larger developers, but had that idea in the back of their head that they need to bring to life, and so that's the type of entity that we want to work with," said the Nintendo president. "These are talented developers. That's different from the person who envisions themselves as a developer, but actually hasn't necessarily created anything, who doesn't necessarily understand what it takes in this business to create compelling content. That's where we draw the line."

Fils-Aime concluded that he would have no problem turning down a developer who has yet to actually make a game. "I'll tell you, if someone calls us tomorrow who has no experience in the gaming industry, but has a passion and has a great idea, our perspective would be, 'Great, but get some experience. Understand your craft, and then come back to us," said Fils-Aime.

I understand where the Reginator is coming from. After all, it would be difficult for me to accept content from someone who's never released a game in the past. While I appreciate Nintendo's stance on quality control with developers, they should focus on regulating the content of actual games. Remember Fireplacing? What a horrible "game" that was!

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