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Reflexive Entertainment releases The Great Tree

December 27, 2007

Independent game developer Reflexive Entertainment releases The Great Tree

Fly into a magical world of mystery and adventure told through beautiful drawings and mesmerizing gameplay with Reflexive's newest game: The Great Tree.

Whispers speak of something sinister in the shadows. The time of the Great Descent draws nigh, but the Great Tree is failing. Stripped of its source of energy, its life force is running out. The fairy Wren, whose lives are intertwined with the tree, must find a way to collect the pollen that can save The Great Tree...and themselves.

Reflexive Entertainment  proudly announces the release of The Great Tree. A grown-up story of good and evil that puts the survival of an enchanted world into your hands.

Drawn and painted by the same award-winning artist behind Wik: Fable of Souls, The Great Tree transports players into a beautifully dark world full of magic and mystery. The story of the faeries known as the Wren is one fraught with intrigue and danger. Told through elaborate drawings and poignant voice, the epic story has been carefully put together through blood, sweat and tears, to bring players a unique gaming experience.

Taking on the role of one of the Wren selected to collect pollen, players hear the story through cinematic interludes and then live it through the levels. Using magical powers and agile movements, players must avoid powerful and innovative enemies that literally come alive from the background in ways that are both exciting and horrifying.

"Watching a mushroom that you thought was just a pretty picture in the background open its eyes, change its expression and then open its mouth to try to eat you is just one of many amazing moments in this game that will startle, surprise and in the end simply amaze you," said Ion Hardie, Director of Product Development. "It contains moments that are as unique and enjoyable as anything I've ever seen in any game." Featuring stunning locales, surprising enemies, and 100 wondrous levels, The Great Tree provides an amazing gaming experience, which feels akin to an epic film. More information, including the game's demo, can now be found at The Great Tree game's website:

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