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Reflective Layer Releases SilkWood Spring

March 26, 2008

Reflective Layer Releases SilkWood Spring

Reflective Layer today announced the release of SilkWood Spring, its artificial life game base on the adventures of the Six Elders.

What is SilkWood?

SilkWood is a casual paced game based on a digital organism called The Elders that live on a farm where the weather is based on downloaded real-world weather. The player controls the action of the Elder through a 24-hour real-time scheduler. With this scheduler the player can assign timeslots for the Elder to work, eat, sleep, watch TV and do other things. There’s even a workout session available.

The mission of Elder No.6 is to find the lost home of the Six Elders. As the player helps No.6 achieve this goal, care must be taking to keep the physical and mental health of the Elder in good shape.

SilkWood features a complex biology in which the Elder must maintain a certain body temperature. The heat that the body needs is created by the food that the Elder eats. Diseases in SilkWood can disrupt this biology and cause the Elder to get sick, loose body heat and eventually go into a coma.

The environment in SilkWood is linked in many ways to the real world. Players can set the current weather in SilkWood to anywhere in the world. Once set, the game will then be affected by such things like temperature, rain, snow and other weather conditions.

SilkWood will not only be affected by these conditions but it will also render them in the game. So sky conditions such as overcast, partly cloudy, cloud movements and precipitations are actually rendered in the game. Time of day effect such as dawn and dusk are all rendered in the game at the appropriate time based on the clock of the computer.

What is new in SilkWood Spring?

SilkWood Spring adds another dimension to the effects that the real-world weather has on the game. Flowers now grow and die depending on real-world precipitations. The real-world temperature even has an effect on the type of flowers that grow. Leaves blow across the farm and windmill spin. All based on real-world wind speed. There are also chickens that need to be raised in SilkWood Spring. They multiply in warm weather, but will go in the barn when it starts raining. They’re out at dawn and in at dusk. Butterflies are also new creatures in SilkWood Spring. They prefer daylight and are found in the greatest number late in the afternoon.

SilkWood Spring main Features

  • Behavior Scheduling
  • Grow flowers that depend on real-weather rain for water.
  • Butterflies that follow a schedule depending on time of day.
  • Raise chickens that depend on real-weather temperature to multiply.
  • Real-Time-of-Day gameplay.
  • Real-Weather game world.
  • Intricate Elder biology.
  • 10 interesting chapter.
  • 10 cut-scene animation.
  • Available for Mac and Windows.


SilkWood Spring is available now for $11.50 for the Mac and PC, and may be downloaded through the Web site at

A playable Demo is also available at the website.

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