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Reflective Layer releases evolution game for iPhone/iPod

May 19, 2009

Reflective Layer releases Chrysalis-C

Reflective Layer today announced the release of Chrysalis-C, an evolution game in which the gamer evolve a creature by manipulating the environment inside a glass chamber.

Inside the chamber of Chrysalis-C the gamer will bring together the key elements. Earth, Water and Fire. After they spontaneously ignite, it will be up to the gamer to control the environment inside the chamber. By changing the temperature and humidity over time, the gamer will affect changes inside the chamber. With a little luck and patients, the pile of dirt and grass will evolve into something nice and beautiful. The secret is getting the temperature and humidity right.

Chrysalis-C Main Features

  • Causal game pace.

  • Real-time report for species inside the chamber.

  • End result will depend on environmental conditions.

  • Realistic sound effect.

  • Day/Night cycle with sun and moon following an arc across the sky.

  • Each evolutionary phase has it’s own unique look, temperature and humidity requirements.

  • Available for the Mac,iPhone and iPod Touch.


Chrysalis-C is available now for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and may be purchased at ITunes(App Store)
Chrysalis-C is also available as a Dashboard Widget for the Mac and can be downloaded through
the web site at

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