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Redeem your Club Nintendo Coins for two retro sports titles


So the latest Club Nintendo update slipped completely under my radar. Because of that, you've only got a few days to redeem your precious Coins for a couple of old school sports games. Oops!

The first game available for download is NES Play Action Football. Want some retro 8-bit football? Well, here it is. This one will cost you 100 Coins, and you've got until September 3 to download it. On a side note, I would like to point out that Nintendo could have easily gotten away with making "play" and "action" one word: NES PlayAction Football. That said, I'm glad that didn't happen.

If you're looking for some handheld sports gaming, the aptly named Tennis is available. This one's 150 Coins, which seems a bit pricey. They could have totally named this Play Action Tennis, by the way. I kind of wish Nintendo would have done that, actually.

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