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Red Rocket Games Releases Special MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS on Valve's Steam

March 20, 2009

Red Rocket Games Releases Special MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS on Valve's Steam

First Downloadable Music/Rhythm Platform Game for the Casual PC Market Includes "Left 4 Dead" Characters

Red Rocket Games today announced that its debut game, MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS, is available for download on Valve’s Steam, a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC games and digital content with over 15 million accounts worldwide. MEVO is a synchronized music/rhythm platform game for the casual PC game market. The Steam version of MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS also includes the “Left 4 Dead” characters Bill, Louis, Francis, Zoey, and the Hunter from Valve’s hit game. MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS can be downloaded on Steam’s website or at

In the game, MEVO, the main character, has to reunite his band, the Grooveriders, bring ‘FUNK’ back to the universe and defeat the enemy SILENCE. To move MEVO through the game’s five beautifully crafted worlds (Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space and Wormhole), players must tap 2 keys to the rhythm of the game’s music as it is played and displayed in the game with arrows. All tracks are original, produced in-house with live musicians, and feature a unique and playful retro-funky style that varies from organic to electronic tracks.

As the game progresses, the beat sequences become more complex, evolving from basic single beats to rapid beats, combinations, sequences and long-hold sustains with breaks. By successfully completing the levels, players can access new areas and songs, or be rewarded with in-game items, such as avatar pieces that are needed to activate power-ups. Power-ups include slow mo, shield up, “perfect boost” scoring, and autopilot. No matter what skill level, players are rewarded with avatars, dance packs and badges to help progress through the game. Even though the game is accessible and easy to play for all levels of players, advanced players will be challenged with the game’s multiple layers of game play, including hidden levels, power-ups, badges and dance packs.

“MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS offers all levels of players from adults to kids a fun experience that incorporates great music, beautiful art and very accessible yet challenging gameplay,” said Jung Suh, CEO of Red Rocket Games. “We know that all gamers from hardcore to casual will appreciate the customizable experience and great replayability that offers them a new experience each time they play.”

Other Key MEVO Features:

  • Personalization - Players can personalize their MEVO with 17 body sets, 23 headsets and 6 dance sets, including customized avatars and costumes, such as Ninjas, British Dandy, Reindeers, Pumpkins, and more. Some avatar pieces/sets even have additional power-ups associated with them, such as score multipliers or invincibility.

  • Great replayability – Players can replay the game with many variables, including trying to acquire different badges, achieving perfect play through, experiencing all of the alternate endings, or finding all the power-ups, avatars and dance packs throughout the levels. The game will also be updated directly through patches, unlike other casual games.

For more information about MEVO & THE GROOVERIDERS, go to

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