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Red Dead Redemption Title Update Released, DLC Coming Tomorrow


In anticipation of tomorrow's Myths and Mavericks add-on, Rockstar have addressed several issues in their prized title, Red Dead Redemption. Several bugs and glitches have been fixed in both the main game and multiplayer, the most notable being that players will no longer be able to exploit poker to become a rich man. The full run down of addressed issues can be seen below:

- Return of Undead Overrun to original rules (extended sudden death, no explosive spit) - Fixes for several multiplayer exploits, including invincibility, invisibility, flying, and rapid-fire - Fix for exploit which resulted in use of Undead weapons in Free Roam - The addition of an option to exit Undead Overrun without sacrificing XP - Fix for killing other players in Friendly Free Roam by cooking dynamite - Fix for a Poker exploit that resulted in rapid accumulation of money - Fix for occasionally being unable to move after crashing in a wagon - Fix for Nuevo Paraiso bounties being reset upon loading a save - Fix for System Link issue on Xbox 360

The multiplayer-centered DLC, Myths and Mavericks, is set to be released tomorrow on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN Marketplace for free.

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