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Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire Preorder Bonuses to Become DLC


The increase in digital preorder bonuses has really irked me lately. It's a pain to be asked to pre-order a game just to get a cool item or feature. Even more annoying is the number of retailers offering different bonuses.

I never preordered Red Dead Redemption, so I missed out on the Deadly Assassin outfit that boosts Dead Eye, the Golden Guns that increase Fame, and the War Horse that's stronger and looks a lot more awesome than your average horse. Luckily, if you missed out on the opportunity to snag these digital goodies, you'll be getting your chance at redemption starting next week. Rockstar will allow gamers who don't currently own the Deadly Assassin gear, Golden Guns, and War Horse to purchase them each for $0.99 apiece, which isn't a shabby deal.

For those of you dreading the multitude of preorder downloads in store for L.A. Noire, fret not. Though individuals who preorder the upcoming adventure game from Rockstar will get different bonuses depending on where they purchase the game, the digital bonuses will eventually become available for a small fee following the game's release. Rockstar didn't get into specifics, but a message on the company blog clarified that fans wouldn't have to wait as long for the L.A. Noire downloadable content.

This is all good news to say the least, and it's sure to bring joy to gamers who may have missed out on some nifty downloadable content. A lot of companies would do well to follow in Rockstar's footsteps. No one should miss out on cool extras just because they get their games at different retailers.

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