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Red PS3 no longer exclusive to Japan, still not coming to NA


I'm always jealous of other countries for getting things we don't get here in North America. When it looked like we weren't getting Xenoblade Chronicles or The Last Story, I was jealous. When word got out that those same games were headed to Europe, I was jealous.

Pandora's Tower just launched in Australia this month. Yeah, I'm jealous! Tales of Xillia-themed PlayStation 3? Totally jealous. Hell, I don't like the fact that Tales of Xillia came out in Japan last year and it's still not out over on our side of the globe!

Then there was that red PlayStation 3 in Japan. You know, red is my favorite color. I should own a red PlayStation 3. But I don't, because it's exclusive to Japan.

Or it was, rather.

It looks like our friends in the UK are now getting the snazzy red PlayStation 3, too. And I'm jealous.


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