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Red Dead Revolver is now available on PlayStation 4

Be cool; play Red Dead 1

red dead revolver

A lot of great games were made back in the day and one of them was the PlayStation 2 classic Red Dead Revolver, the father of Red Dead Redemption, and now this piece of gaming history has been made available on the PlayStation 4.

It was first revealed that Red Dead Revolver would be coming to PlayStation 4 when the Australian PlayStation store accidentally listed the game, and now 30 days later it is available via the PlayStation version of backward compatibility, and it's a flashier version of the game. Now is the perfect time to experience where it all began in the Red Dead series.

Red Dead Revolver won't just be the same game that released back in 2004, it comes with a few improvements such as 1080p up-rendering, Shareplay, Trophies, Activity Feeds, Remote Play,  and Second Screen support for game manuals on PS Vita and the PS App. But beware, some features you loved when playing it on the PS 2 may be different from the original game or not be included at all, this is a port after all and not a remaster so some things might not work properly.

Red Dead Revolver is available for download on the PlayStation store for $14.99 and it's only 1.8 GB (!) which is a relief when some games these days are as heavy as 130+ GB.

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