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Recap: Sheen-less Two and a Half Men Season Premiere Doesn't Miss A Beat


Tonight marked the beginning of a new Two and a Half Men era void of Charlie Sheen's presence. Though Sheen's physical presence was missing, the traditional humor and comedy was still present in the Two and a Half Men premiere.

As expected, the episode began with the cast at the funeral of Charlie, with Alan attempting to give a eulogy, but constantly interrupted by Charlie's ex's bickering about how awful he was (you know the writers had fun coming up with things for them to say). As rumored, Sheen dies by "slipping" onto the tracks of an oncoming train. Though if you saw Rose deliver the speech, you could tell she pushed him when she found out he was in the shower with another woman.

Though the episode still contained that witty, crude humor, the episode was not without sentiment, as we got to enjoy a small moment between between Alan and the ashes of his dead brother before he is startled by the unexpected entrance of Walden Schmidt, an internet billionaire whose website was bought out by Microsoft for 1.3 billion dollars.

As previously confirmed, Walden is "lovesick" when his wife, Bridgette, leaves him because he's "too immature". Walden teaches us that money can't buy us happiness as he reveals he attempted suicide by drowning himself in the ocean. But as we quickly learn, Walden has that familiar charm with the ladies that we are so used to seeing with Charlie.

Everyone knew Ashton would have some pretty big shoes to fill when stepping in as the replacement for Charlie Sheen, but he successfully rose to the occasion. Ashton has the friendly, charismatic charm. And although he is still a "hound" (he sleeps with two women at once), he fills the role in a less sleezy way than Charlie did.

So how is the show going to keep that same threesome dynamic with Walden? When Alan's mom reveals she is selling the house because Alan can't afford it, several guest stars come in to take a look. Eventually, after forming a "bond" with Alan, Walden decides to purchase the house.

Overall, Ashton did a great job in his initial appearance of Two and a Half Men. Although Walden is still that "suave" character that is popular with the ladies, he plays it in a more reserved, less-obnoxious way than Charlie did. He's actually charming to watch. The dynamic with Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher was fun to watch and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the season has the offer.

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