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Real Networks Launches Diamond Detective & Online Diamond Hunt

November 13, 2007

Casual Games Publisher Creates Online Competition To Find Real Diamonds

RealNetworks today launched Diamond Detective, a new mobile phone game based on the massively popular PC puzzle game. The game incorporates a first-for-mobile online diamond hunt, in which players can solve clues to win real diamonds.

The competition will run in Europe from the game's launch in October 2007 until mid-2008. Over ç15,000 worth of diamonds are up for grabs by players. Winners will be chosen at the end of each quarter, with three players eventually walking away with a small fortune in gemstones.

As players complete levels within the Diamond Detective mobile game, they are given hints about the locations of the stolen gems. They can then log onto the Diamond Hunt website:  and use these clues in the competition. Players can even download a demo version of the game from the website, directly to their handset – free of charge.

“This is a step in a new direction,” said Wilhelm Taht, Head of Marketing, Mobile Games EMEA of RealNetworks. “Our research has shown that there is a gap between the value consumers feel they receive compared to the steps they need to take for buying mobile games. By tying the game into an ongoing competition and giving players a reason to return and complete the game, outside the immediate fun factor, we're pushing mobile entertainment into very different territory and providing additional value for the players. They can even try the game for free first to find out if they like it. It's a no-risk deal for players.”

Diamond Detective is published by RealArcade Mobile and is developed by the mobile games studio Mr.Goodliving - the critically acclaimed team behind the hugely successful Playman series and other award-winning mobile games. Diamond Detective offers a new twist on a classic puzzle game in which players must create and remove chains of gemstones from the playing area within a tight time-limit. Success in doing so rewards the player with clues towards the thieves within the game – and the gems in the online diamond hunt.

“Diamond Detective is a fantastic game in its own right,” says Matt Turetzky, vice president, off-the pc games at Real. “It combines simple, pick-up-and-play controls with intuitive game play that can be understood in seconds, but which can keep players engaged for a significant amount of time as they try to create longer, larger and higher scoring chains of gems. We firmly believe that the game's natural appeal, combined with the attraction of the online Diamond Hunt and the chance to win real high value prizes will help Diamond Detective to raise the bar for mobile games.”

Diamond Detective has released this month through a wide range of mobile networks, carriers and retail channels. The online website can be found at

Diamond Detective was created using RealArcade Mobile's proprietary EMERGE technology, ensuring that the game will support the widest possible range of mobile phone handsets and ensuring gamers around the world can play and enjoy it with ease.

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