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Real rapper Chamillionaire joins fake one-hit wonder Sam B in music video for Dead Island: Riptide


Sam B, one of the protagonists in the original Dead Island, was a failing rap star who was known for releasing one hit single. After "Who Do You Voodoo, B*tch?" topped the charts, the dude just lost his edge. Add to that the fact that he was thrust into a zombie-infested island, and things just weren't looking good for ol' Sam B.

Another single from the rapper has surfaced, however. "No Room in Hell" is a track from Sam B that features the talents of Chamillionaire. The music video shows the two in a beach-like area, with references to both the dead and the undead. It's almost as if Sam B knew ...

Dead Island: Riptide will continue the stories of the original game's protagonists, and it will follow an all-new character, too. The game is due out on April 23, 2013.

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