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In another life, heavy dieting, or some major life changing decisions… I would love to be able to do parkour.  The freedom, body capabilities, and sheer upper body strength amazes me.  I know you loved that opening scene in Casino Royal. 

Enough about my empty dreams… to some people parkour is very real.  What could make parkour even cooler?  If your answer was doing it in an Assassin’s Creed costume, you would be absolutely correct.  Well guess what, Ronnie Shalvis did just this.  Mix his parkour abilities with Devin Graham’s cinematography and you have one sweet modern Assassin’s Creed replica video. 

Watch this video below and enjoy Ronnie’s parkour skills in a custom made assassin garb.  I find this video amazing in the sense of putting popular video game characters in modern times as well as just the capabilities of the human body.  Well done you two.  You can watch the ‘making of’ video HERE.


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