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Ready At Dawn talks 'building a new London' for The Order: 1886

A new London for The Order: 1886

Sony didn't talk much about upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 during its Gamescom press conference, but today game developer Ready At Dawn created a lengthy post on the PlayStation Blog detailing the creation of a new type of London.

"When creating our alternate history in The Order: 1886, our goal was to make the environment as believable as possible while at the same time adding our own twist to real places," explained The Order: 1886 creative director Ru Weerasuriya. "This Neo-Victorian London will seem familiar to everyone, however, advances in technology will take center stage in many ways as you navigate the city"

"One of the main examples is the advent of electricity throughout the city, well before its time. Gas lamps are replaced by electric street lights. Everywhere you go, you can hear the hum of electricity running through the city.

"The London subway system is present in our version of the world, but it’s much more advanced than it was in real life," he continued. Certain sections of the subway system run above ground in between buildings throughout the city. Electric signs line the streets making some areas of London almost look like Times Square.

"The other big change you will witness is in the skyline of London. Although the familiar sights of Big Ben, St. Paul’s, and the Tower Bridge are present, the skyline is broken up by watch towers. Their searchlights are constantly scanning the city and the skies. The other change in the skyline is the presence of airship mooring towers. In The Order: 1886, London is patrolled day and night by a squadron of dirigibles called the Sentinels. All of these are a constant reminder that the world is not as it seems."

Weerasuriya explained that these changes are the "result of our Industrial Revolution, mankind's chance to take the upper hand in a centuries-old war."

He didn't explain who this war is against, but he did note the advancements of weaponry, particularly referencing communicators that allow you to converse with the rest of your squad and a thermite gun that shoots a cloud of inflammable thermite that can be ignited by a flame or by shooting a flare into it. The Order: 1886 will also feature more traditional guns, however, giving a sense of realism and believability to the world.

The Order: 1886 still doesn't have a firm release date, but it's expected to release in 2014.

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