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Reacquaint yourself with the land of - Mount and Blade

June 27, 2008

Reacquaint yourself with the land of - Mount and Blade

Paradox Interactive welcomes you to Calradia, a medieval world stained by war, yet bristling with opportunities for the brave and the cunning. Step forward into the realm of – Mount and Blade.

Populated by lords and vassals who rule over the peasantry. Where knights and mercenaries fight side by side, or against each other. A land filled with all manner of threats, from roving bands of bandits to parties of war-deserters. Where merchants trade their wares and slavers sell on the spoils of war.Grab the reins of your mount and unsheathe your blade, prepare to ride out to a land of adventure.

Key Features:

  • Free-form sandbox gameplay. Trade, serve, or even joust. Go anywhere, do anything in a world thriving with hundreds of locations.

  • Distinctive horseback combat. Mount up and attack your foes with swords, lances or arrows.

  • Highly advanced and intuitive sword-fighting system.

  • Be a lonesome adventurer, conniving merchant, or a commander of armies.

  • Interact with hundreds of characters; hire mercenaries to build a private army, accept quests to assassinate troublemakers, or boost your reputation by buying a round of beer at the local tavern.

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