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RE: Revelations Will Be Bundled with That Nub Thing in Europe


Resident Evil: Revelations is due out in Europe on January 27. Though gamers are most certainly welcome to purchase the game by itself, they will also have the option of getting a neat little bundle. What exactly does this bundle include aside from the game? Well ...

The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro! That's right, folks, I'm talking about the awesome analog nub that everyone was so annoyed about not too long ago. Now, gamers living in Europe will be able to obtain it alongside their shiny new copy of Revelations.

I still think the analog nub is kind of lame, especially since a new 3DS is imminent, but if you're going to get the nubbity nub anyway, it might as well be with a copy of Revelations. After all, Resident Evil really is the type of game that needs dual analog control.

There are currently no plans of bringing this bundle to North America, which is kind of a shame. Hopefully the folks over at Capcom change their minds about that, because it just seems like a logical pairing. Then again, we never get anything cool here in North America, so if this bundle stays exclusive to Europe I won't surprised.

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