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Razer Blade Laptop Announced


Gaming laptops have always been a curious breed. These incredibly powerful machines often weigh as much as a small child, and though they're much easier to drag around to LAN parties than a full rig and monitor setup would be, trying to commandeer a wall socket at the local Starbucks so you can bang away at your manuscript on such a beast can definitely command some unwanted attention.

Thankfully, famed gaming-peripheral manufacture Razer is bringing its knack for sleek and efficient design to the laptop market,introducing the Razer 'Blade' gaming laptop. The Blade features all the frills you'd expect from a top-of-the-line machine, including a powerful i7 processor and the latest graphics technology, though somehow it's all been crammed into a form just 0.88inches thick, and weighing just about 7lbs.

Though beyond the ability to just run games, what really sets the Blade apart is the 'Switchblade' module built into the right side of the keyboard. This LCD display allows players to truly customize their gameplay, with ten programmable hot-keys displays, as well as a screen which runs double duty either monitoring things like game stats and world maps, or acting as a standard touchpad control.

In short, manufacturers like Alienware just found themselves a new rival. Though with this initial Blade model clocking in at a pricey $2,800, it seems the PC gaming market still has a ways to go to match the relatively inexpensive experience that is console gaming.

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