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Rayman Origins is $20 at Toys "R" Us


Earlier this week, I picked up Rayman Origins at Target for 35 bucks. I had been meaning to support this game before, because from what I've read, it's pretty darn good. Heck, GameZone's Ben PerLee gave Origins an impressive 9 / 10 score in his review.

I figured I'd snag the game for $35 because I thought it would be nice to both support this criminally overlooked title and save my impoverished behind a little money while doing so. Today I found out that Toys "R" Us is offering Origins for just $20. Seriously, if you haven't picked up the game, do so now.

The deal is good for every version of the game, so take advantage. Seriously, for all the praise Origins has gotten, it's a shame that it hasn't sold particularly well. Reminds me of Shadows of the Damned, which I absolutely adored, yet failed commercially.

So am I angry that I paid $15 more for Origins at Target than I would have if I just would have waited two days? Absolutely not. For starters, it's just 15 clams. Plus, if I can support a great platformer (a genre I really, really love), I'll do so any way possible. You should support it, too. Not because I'm asking you to, but because we need more great games like Origins.

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