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Rayman Origins demo now on Steam


Rayman Origins was a great game, and while sales got off to a slow start, reports surfaced from Ubisoft indicating that the 2D platformer was actually turning a profit for the company. That's awesome news, especially since it seemed like the limbless hero's most recent adventure was going to fly under most gamers' radar.

We recently reported that Rayman Origins was headed to PC, which means individuals who mostly game on their rigs now have no excuse to miss out on it. You can buy the game directly from Ubisoft, or you can download Rayman Origins on Steam for $29.99. Pre-purchasing the game means you'll also get a free download of Rayman 2, which is just freakin' sweet.

In the meantime, why don't you check out the demo for Rayman Origins, though? It's right there on Steam. You can find it located on the right hand side of the game's page. So if you haven't already played the game, check out this sweet sampler.

Rayman Origins has received high scores and plenty of praise on consoles and the PlayStation Vita. It's great seeing the game getting the PC treatment. Let's hope it continues to turn a profit so we can get a sequel down the road.

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