Rayman Legends will be exclusive to Wii U (probably only for a while)

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When Rayman Legends was first announced, most people figured it would be a multiplatform title. Then it was showcased at E3, but only on the Wii U. That led to a lot of speculation that the game would be exclusive to Nintendo's upcoming platform. But even then, a lot of people were, like, "Nah, that can't happen."

Well, it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen. Just watch the trailer below, which showed off some more of Rayman Legends at Gamescom.

See that last part? It says Rayman Legends is coming exclusively to the Wii U this holiday season. But! Will it really be exclusive to the Big N's new console? I highly doubt that it will be in the long run. I mean, just look at Rayman Origins. That awesomely blissful platformer is available on every single system known to man, even the original Game Boy*!

Rayman Legends may be exclusive to the Wii U, but probably only for a limited time. If anything, I believe the game will launch solely for Nintendo's console this holiday season. But come the new year, I'm certain we'll see it on all current platforms. Hell, we'll probably even see it on the good ol' Nintendo 64**!



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