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Rayman Legends Vita patch adds 28 missing levels later this month

Rayman Legends

The PlayStation Vita version of platforming game Rayman Legends will receive the 28 missing Invasion mode levels and leaderboard on Nov. 26.

Ubisoft is offering the levels as a free download. Rayman Legends launched in August for PC and consoles and in September for Vita, so owners of the handheld have had to wait a couple months for the content to arrive.

Gary Steinman, Ubisoft's communications manager, originally wrote that Invasion mode — "essentially, a second take on existing Rayman Legends maps" — was left out of the Vita version because of "a longer development time than expected."

I guess temporarily missing out on a feature to get a game earlier rather than later isn't worth complaining about too much as long as the developers patch it in within a reasonable timeframe — especially when that game has already launched for other platforms. Then again, not everyone is able to connect to the Internet to download the content, and fans have waited long enough on Legends after Ubisoft delayed the game so it could ensure a simultaneous launch — well, near-simultaneous, anyway.

Ubisoft just announced next-gen versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those will come in February 2014 and hopefully boost sales, which were lower than anticipated.

Via: Game Informer

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