Rayman Legends says goodbye to loading times on Xbox One and PS4

Rayman Legends Screenshot - Rayman Legends

In addition to sharper visuals and more detail brought out by next-gen consoles, Rayman Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will say goodbye to loading times. Speaking highly of the power behind both next-gen consoles, Lead Game Designer Emile Morel explained how you'll enter levels immediately upon jumping through a painting.

"The enhanced power of these new consoles has also allowed us to do away with the loading times when entering or exiting a level," Morel boasted. "Jumping inside a painting will now start the level immediately."

"Jumping in and out of a level has never been faster and it’s a great feeling to have such a seamless experience. Navigating in the game now feels smoother and your gaming experience is never stopped by loading transitions," he added.

Ubisoft today revealed that Rayman Legends will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 18 in North America. In addition to new unlockable characters and the absence of load times, each specific console will have its own unique gameplay addition.

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